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Business Internet prices and speeds.
Deciding on the right Internet speed to meet your budget can sometimes feel like a tricky formula. FairPoint Business Internet offers a variety of affordable speeds, so you pay for exactly what your business needs — and if your needs change, we can easily help you scale your service. Call us to discuss what's right for you.
Business Internet needs by speed
3 Mbps
7 Mbps
15 Mbps
25+ Mbps
Starting at
Suggested Online Usage:
  • Email / web browsing
  • Security camera / alarm system
  • Credit card machine
  • Multiple users / mobile devices
  • Several VoIP users
  • Teleworkers
  • Guest Wifi
  • Moderate file size downloads
  • Cloud networking
  • Server hosting / e-commerce
  • Multiple cloud users
  • Heavy use / large file interaction
* Not all speeds available in all areas. Limited-time offer applies to new business services and locations. Prices shown apply to monthly rate of 3 Mbps, 7 Mbps, 15 Mbps, and 25+ Mbps Internet service, respectively and 1 Expansion Pak II voice line with unlimited nationwide calling and features, including voicemail. Requires 3-year term commitment. After 36-month promotional period, standard rates apply. Unlimited nationwide calling includes direct-dialed calls originating and terminating in the U.S., U.S. Territories and Canada. Qualifying services must be installed at the same service location. Pricing reflects a fixed discount on the monthly base rate for the service. Base rates are subject to change during the term. Early termination and other terms, conditions, taxes and additional charges apply. Equipment charges may apply. Pricing shown is only representative of rates of various speeds and may not reflect pricing in all areas. Speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Internet services may not be available in all areas or at the rates or speeds generally marketed. Services and pricing subject to change. © 2017 FairPoint Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.